About Studio Michan

Studio Michan is run by Maya and Jun Tanaka, a husband and wife team dwelling in Hudson Valley, New York. “Michan” is a nickname for their daughter, Sofi. Maya originally dreamed up the studio after Sofi was born and regretted missing milestones in her life due to a full-time job and busy lifestyle. The original name for the studio was “Studio for Sofi,” which eventually evolved into Studio Michan.

Maya, the primary contributor to Studio Michan, was trained in fine arts and graphic design, with 9 years of experience working in design. She loves illustration, cute stuff, and trying new things.

Jun’s background is in architecture and CAD design, but he can often be found making weird and funny sketches.

Disclaimer: This website is still new and heavily under construction. If you notice anything strange, please let us know!