Mountain Experiment

I’ve been doing 2D art for most of my life, but have always shied away from 3D – every time I opened up a program (and I’ve tried several) the learning curve just seemed so steep and I never got far. But I had never sat down and made a serious attempt to master one of these programs, though.

Enter Blender. I’ve discovered that the Blender community is immensely supportive of new users trying to learn the program, and as a result there is a great collection of free (and paid) tutorials online to get over the learning hump.

Here’s one of my first projects, which was just playing with plane displacement using a height map. This is just a simple plane, and the only texture applied is the height map. Very simple, but it was educational!

Photoshopped it afterwards to get the extra colors and effects.

Heightmap from and learned the technique from a tutorial by Gleb Alexandrov.

Hope to post some other, more involved renders before too long.